HSBC becomes Mastercard x LUBUDS's first commercial client with a travel seminar at PANO

Mastercard x LUBUDS partnership embarks on new chapter, with HSBC becoming the first business partner to hold a luncheon for its commercial clients at acclaimed French restaurant PANO. Discover more about the collaboration and how HSBC's epicurean event shed light on shifting trends in travel and consumer behavior in a post-pandemic world.


Beneath the twinkling lights of West Kowloon's skyline, a culinary alliance blooms between Mastercard and LUBUDS, merging world-class cuisine with extraordinary experiences. Since its inception in March, this partnership is progressing like a well-curated tasting menu, each course revealing more depth, flavour, and innovation.


It finds its luminous expression in LUMA, the gastronomic gem nestled in the historic 1881 Heritage in Tsim Sha Tsui. A shining testament to the Mastercard x LUBUDS partnership, LUMA serves as a stage for world-class chefs to showcase their craft, intertwining Asia and Europe's intricate flavours in their signature dishes. This radiant home of culinary creativity resonates with an electrifying energy, welcoming an array of guest chefs and eager diners looking for an unforgettable meal.


The partnership's dynamic approach and successful execution piqued the interest of HSBC, heralding an exciting new chapter in Mastercard's relationship with this established global business partner. In an unprecedented move, the bank chose to collaborate with Mastercard and LUBUDS to host an exclusive event for its own commercial clients at PANO, one of LUBUDS's illustrious venues renowned for its fine French cuisine.


Including a panel discussion and presentation, the luncheon highlighted the changing dynamics of consumer behavior and travel trends in a post-pandemic world. In this new era, the driving force for diners extends beyond gastronomic pleasures to include the priceless moments of togetherness that these outings foster. The joy of reconnection, the exchange of stories across the table, the shared smiles — these things have the power to change lives, heal hearts, and foster enduring bonds.


As Hong Kong awakens from the pandemic's lull, the desire to experience the world anew is clearly percolating. The travel industry is poised for resurgence, anticipating a global rise of 30% this year, to reach an impressive 1.6 billion tourists. Despite being among the last cities to permit quarantine-free travel, Hong Kong mirrors this international sentiment, with travel spending already having returned to pre-pandemic levels.


The last few years have seen significant shifts in traveler priorities. Research shows that an increasing number of holidaymakers are now seeking to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones. They yearn for relaxation, wellness, and unique experiences, often prioritizing these over traditional luxuries. More importantly, they long for the freedom to travel, explore, and make up for lost time. Understanding this evolving travel landscape is a cornerstone of the successful event at PANO, as today's tourists focus on the unique and unforgettable — precisely what the Mastercard x LUBUDS partnership strives to deliver.


As we move forward, the collaboration between Mastercard, LUBUDS, and now also HSBC, shines with promise. The partnership is transforming how people perceive culinary events, as well as emphasizing the true value of human connection, with the ultimate goal of fostering these bonds and curating remarkable experiences.


The stage is set for an exciting future filled with innovative ventures, unforgettable culinary productions, and the simple-yet-profound joy of time well shared. Together with LUBUDS, Mastercard invites you to join this exhilarating journey, where every moment is a celebration of connection.