Explore Croatia like never before in an interactive gamified augmented reality experience

Thanks to a brand-new immersive augmented reality (AR) experience, you can now visit Croatia from just about anywhere through the lens of your phone. This AR experience is interactive and gamified, featuring outstanding 360-degree footage and showcasing what makes Croatia such an enticing tourist destination. Along the way, you'll have fun hunting for hidden objects in the AR environment to win a special reward that will inspire you to explore Croatia through immersive experiences.

Mastercard Croatia


With a rich history, picturesque Croatia is a prime destination for travel enthusiasts in search of something special. Fortunately, you don't have to leave your home to get a glimpse of the beauty that awaits you in this iconic coastal gem. Using your smartphone and thanks to a new interactive and gamified augmented reality (AR) experience you can explore this country like never before.

The beauty of Croatia in another reality


The AR experience features three immersive stories: "The Croatian Journey," "The Istrian Mountain," and "The Kvarner Gulf." Each begins with eye-level video and moves at an average person's speed before accelerating and taking off in flight by drone for amazing 360-degree aerial imagery. Plus, within the AR environments, viewers can keep an eye out for hidden objects, and if they tap to collect them all, they'll have the opportunity to download a personalised travel itinerary. This itinerary can help them plan a trip to Croatia with their loved ones and inspire them to explore outstanding experiences.



No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell


Narrated with stories influenced by old proverbs about joy and curiosity, the digital exploration starts by presenting different parts of Croatia to give viewers a glimpse of what each region offers. In creating this project, its director, Domagoj Mrkonjić, was deeply inspired by the proverb "No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell" to create an impactful virtual excursion through his native country, weaving together gorgeous visual elements with timeless stories showcasing kindness, wisdom, and love.


Discover Croatia through the AR experience and start making your travel plan


This virtual trip through breathtaking Opatija, Slavonia, and Baranja's majestic mountains and wondrous nature in the east, the beautiful yet unpredictable Adriatic Sea, the northern capital of Zagreb's picturesque promenade along the Sava River, and far beyond may inspire you to visit for yourself. This virtual trip can also help you with itinerary planning for your future Croatian vacation bucket lists. Enjoy the journey!


*This interactive experience uses real-time video buffering. We suggest turning your phone WiFi on to ensure the best video quality. If Wi-Fi is not available at your current location, you will be able to adjust the video quality to suit your available mobile data plan.*