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Improve your tennis game with pointers from coach Wim Fissette

Join Wim Fissette, Naomi Osaka's coach, for a closer look at the best tips he gives all the players

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The Experience

Improve your tennis game as you tune into a five-minute coaching session led by Wim Fissette. The former pro and current coach will impart some of his best-kept tennis wisdoms, sharing tips on everything from your groundstrokes and your serve to your footwork. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.



What's Priceless

An inside look at the coaching tips that have helped players like Naomi Osaka.



The Highlights


  • Expert tips on how to muster a powerful forehand like Naomi's

  • Learn how to control your volleys, on both the forehand and backhand sides

  • Discover some tricks of the trade for keeping your footwork nimble

  • Watch and learn as Wim shows you a perfect serving action


Wim's Wisdom:




Working on this was a key to Naomi winning the US Open in 2020


Tip #1. Use the left hand to bring the racquet back.


- Keep the racquet close, and imagine you are looking at yourself in a mirror to get into the right position.


Tip #2. Hold the racquet loosely.


- Keep it loose in your hand.


Tip #3. Face the butt of the racquet in the direction you are going to hit the ball.


- Get into this position as soon as the ball bounces over the net.


Tip #4. Accelerate to the contact.


- Move to the contact right in front of you.


Tip #5. Finish with the butt of the racquet in the direction that you hit the ball.



Volley – a future big weapon for Naomi


There are a few technical keys to a good volley.


Tip #1. Hold the grip really firmly.


- The opposite to the forehand where the grip needs to be loose.


Tip #2. Don't accelerate to the ball, accelerate through the backswing to the ball.


- Step in and cut the ball.



Footwork – the key to setup the shot and hit with the right precision


Tip #1. Start in a split step.


- Stay low in the legs


Tip #2. Stay strong in the upper body.


  • When the upper body is straight we can rotate better, hit from low to high


  • Offer is exclusive to Mastercard cardholders
  • Lessons are free and will be delivered via Vimeo link after clicking "RSVP Now"
  • Experience is appropriate for participants of all ages and skill levels
  • Videos are in English

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