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Sterling sophistication: elevate your style with Gumush Butiki's silver jewelry

Get a 5% discount from 'Gumush Butiki'


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The Offer

The 'Gumush Butiki' boasts a luxurious selection of silver jewelry, including intricately designed rings, breathtaking earrings, sophisticated brooches, stylish bracelets, and mesmerizing necklaces. Each piece is a work of art, where the sparkle of silver combines with colorful gemstones to create treasures that adorn life's most important moments. Visitors are invited into a boutique where each item is more than just jewelry; it is a chapter in their own story, intertwined with sophistication and style. Discover a world of brilliance at 'Gumush Butiki', where each piece serves as a sparkling testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless passion. Pay with your Mastercard or Maestro and get of 5% off your total purchase.


  • To receive the 5% discount, the cardholder must pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Garmin Pay with their registered Mastercard or Maestro card
  • The discount is valid for all Mastercard and Maestro cardholders who pay with POS terminals of Kapital Bank
  • The offer is valid till 21.11.2024