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Register your card now in the Mastercard Tuesday program and start receiving cashback!

About this promotion

Every Tuesday can be better with Mastercard. Get 10% cashback (money back) on your Mastercard, if you register it in the program.


You can register your card* in the program any day of the week. For each eligible payment with the registered card, made on Tuesdays, you will receive 10% cashback (money back on the card), within the limit of 50 lei per card, per campaign.


The program runs throughout the year 2024, in 4 thematic campaigns. Once registered, you will automatically be able to participate in all 4 campaigns in the program.**


Between January 16 and March 26, 2024, the topic is the payment of fees, taxes and utility bills. You will receive money back (cashback) for the payments of fees, taxes and utility bills (water, gas, electricity), made with eligible Mastercard cards.


All types of card payments are included: online ones (eg through Ghiseul.ro) or physical ones, at the POS machine (at financial administrations or utility providers).


For more details, visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" page below or the Program’s Terms and Conditions.


*You can register several Mastercard cards (debit or credit) issued in Romania for individuals. Meal cards, social cards, Maestro/Cirrus cards or those for business/commercial are not part of this campaign and cannot be registered.


**So you'll get cashback on all eligible payments made with that card on the Tuesdays after you sign up.

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