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Terms & Conditions for Mastercard Easy Savings® Programs

Mastercard International Incorporated and its affiliates ('Mastercard') is providing these Mastercard Easy Savings® Program - Terms and Conditions ('Terms and Conditions') with respect to use of your Mastercard small business debit, prepaid, or credit card, including but not limited to World Elite Mastercard for Business® (each, a 'Small Business Card' or a ‘Card’) that is enrolled in the applicable Mastercard Easy Savings® program (‘Program”). Upon receipt of these Terms and Conditions, you are hereby deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions for the applicable Mastercard Easy

Savings® Program. You further accept these Terms and Conditions and ratify this acceptance by using, receiving or accepting any benefit of a rebate under the Program.
If you do not wish to participate in the Program, please contact your issuing bank. These Terms and Conditions set forth the terms applicable to your use of the Program. The Program provides you with automatic rebates on eligible purchases from participating merchants if you use an eligible, enrolled Mastercard Small Business Card. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and keep them for your records.


In these Terms and Conditions, the words 'you' and 'your' mean the person or entity to whom a Card, as defined below, has been issued and any person or entity that you allow to use a Card, and the words 'we,' 'us' and 'our' mean Mastercard. 'Program Web Site' means (or such other web sites as we may establish for the Program).



Participation:  If you have been notified by the issuing bank that issued your Mastercard Small Business Card that your Mastercard Small Business Card has been automatically enrolled in the Program, you may participate in the Program effective as of the date indicated in the notification from the issuing bank. Please note that not all merchant offers may be available to all cardholders. Thus, please see the individual offer details to confirm if offer is available.


The Program is available only to cardholders using eligible, enrolled Small Business Cards. You must be enrolled in the Program prior to using a Small Business Card at a Merchant, as defined below, or to receive the rebate benefits of the Program.


If you access the Program Web Site or use the Program, you also accept the Terms and Conditions as posted on the Program Web Site.



Your Data: You agree to the terms of the Program's privacy notice as posted at, as may be amended from time to time. You acknowledge and agree that your issuing bank and Mastercard may share and use data regarding you, your personnel and such Card usage with each other and with third parties, such as Merchants and service providers, to operate the Program and for internal operational purposes, including, but not limited to, sending you and your personnel e-mails regarding the Program.



Merchant Offers: Merchants that are participating in the Program ('Merchant(s)') may provide offers for rebates on purchases of goods or services ('Offers') at participating Merchant locations for Cards. The amount of any rebate and other terms and conditions applicable to a rebate will be determined by the Merchant, and are subject to change at any time and without notice. An Offer shall terminate on the earlier of (a) fulfillment of the total amount of Offer rebates as determined by the Merchant and Mastercard; or (b) expiry of the Offer period as specified in the relevant Offer terms and conditions. Please refer to any disclosures provided by your issuing bank and the Program Web Site for any details on any Offer terms and conditions. Offers may be redeemed only at participating Merchant locations. See the Program Web Site for the latest information on available Offers. Certain issuing banks may restrict your access to: (i) or the ability to make purchases from, certain Merchants; (ii) certain Offers; or (iii) certain elements of the Program for other purposes. Please refer to the Offer details provided by your issuing bank, the Program Web Site, and/or the Offer details below for the latest information on available offers.



Offer Acceptance: When you purchase goods or services using a Card from a participating Merchant, you will receive a rebate on your purchase, subject to any terms and conditions of the Offer and provided that the purchase transaction (a) is authorized, settled and cleared through the Mastercard Global Clearing and Processing System (“Mastercard Network”), and (b) is not a PIN-based transaction. For the avoidance of doubt, debit cardholders earn rebates by selecting ‘credit’ when making purchases in person; however, where a debit cardholder does not have the choice to select ‘credit’, a merchant may choose to run the debit card on a non-Mastercard Network, in which case the rebate may not apply. Mastercard takes no responsibility if a rebate is not earned as a result of a merchant’s choice to run a debit cardholder’s transaction on a non-Mastercard Network. The rebate will not appear on your receipt at the point of sale. The form of the rebate may be a credit to your Card account, or the rebate may be in another form, as determined by the issuing bank. If a rebate is credited to your Card account, please note that it might not appear on the same statement as the related purchase. There may be a delay of up to one statement cycle in crediting a rebate. Please note that rebates will be based on the standard currency related to your Card.



Reversals: All or a portion of a rebate may be reversed in certain circumstances, including without limitation, upon a return, dispute, adjustment, or fraudulent card activity.



Disclaimer of Liability: Our role under the Program is limited to processing information regarding Offers on behalf of Merchants and the issuing banks. We are not responsible for any Offers or rebates, your ability to use Offers or rebates, the crediting of any rebates to your Card account, reversals of Offers or rebates, accuracy or completeness of information about Offers or rebates, or any acts or omissions of the issuing banks or Merchants. We provide the Program on an 'AS IS' basis, and we disclaim any and all warranties, including without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, except as required by applicable law. We are not liable to you for any damages that you suffer in connection with your participation in the Program, unless the damage results directly from our failure to perform the express obligations under these Terms and Conditions. We and our affiliates, our respective directors, officers, employees, agents, and successors and assigns, are not responsible, and shall not be liable for, any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost profits). Without limiting the foregoing, we are not responsible for any Card account fees or penalties that you incur on your Card, including fees and penalties that may result from rebate reversals. Any tax liability resulting from your participation in the Program shall be your sole responsibility, and not our responsibility or the responsibility of any Merchant or the issuing bank. Merchants or the issuing bank may report information regarding the Program and your participation in it to tax authorities. Merchants and the issuing bank may not vary these Terms and Conditions as applied to the relationship between you and us and may not make any commitments that are binding on us.



Program Information: By enrolling or being enrolled in the Program, you agree to receive Program information via e-mail and to advise us of any change in your e-mail address by providing updated information via the Program Web Site. Please note that we will use information regarding purchase transactions initiated with your enrolled Card(s) to provide you with reports via the Program Web Site as well as for other purposes as determined by Mastercard.



Termination: You may terminate your participation in the Program at any time by notifying your issuing bank. There may be a delay of up to 30 days in effecting such termination, and reversals or adjustments of rebates may continue after termination, as determined in our discretion. We or your issuing bank may terminate your participation in the Program at any time, without notice unless required by law. We reserve the right to add or terminate any participating Merchant or any Offer without notice. Any terms, which by their nature should survive the termination of these Terms and Conditions, shall survive.



Change of Terms: We can add to, delete from, or change (each, a 'change') the terms of these Terms and Conditions and/or the Program at any time. We will notify you of changes by posting the revised terms and conditions on the Program Web Site.



Questions Regarding the Program: You should direct any questions related to the Program, Offers, any Program restrictions, or rebates to your issuing bank.



Disputes: Any disputes regarding Offers or rebates, or your ability to participate or receive them, may be determined by us, by your issuing bank, or Merchants. That resolution will be final and binding on you.



Additional Terms: Your issuing bank and Merchants may impose additional terms on your participation in the Program. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to, and do not amend or replace, your card agreement with your issuing bank.



Miscellaneous: These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of New York State, without regard to conflict of law principles. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the interpretation or performance of these Terms and Conditions, that is not settled in accordance with the section of these Terms and Conditions entitled 'Disputes', shall be finally settled by the Courts located in the City and State of New York, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction. YOU AND WE HEREBY WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. You may not assign your rights under these Terms and Conditions. We may assign our rights and obligations at any time. The invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions will not affect the validity of the remaining portions. Any waiver by us of our rights under these Terms and Conditions is binding only if in a writing signed by us. The use of your issuing bank and merchant names and logos in the Program is by permission only.



Mastercard Easy Savings® Program for Small Business - Participating Merchants Offer Details: Restrictions, conditions, and limitations apply. Visit the merchant detail pages at for more details.