About Easy Savings

Easy Savings

No Coupons. No Codes. Saving for your business has never been easier.  Receive automatic rebates with your Mastercard® Small BusinessCard®.


You're already using your Mastercard for everyday business purchases — With Mastercard Easy Savings everything from supporting your businesses digital presence to travel and dining with clients can become an opportunity to save.  Every time you use your enrolled Mastercard Small BusinessCard for an eligible transaction at one of our participating program partners, you'll get an automatic rebate.  


What are the benefits of Mastercard Easy Savings?

Mastercard Easy Savings requires no coupons or codes.  Just use your eligible Mastercard small business card on qualified purchases at any participating Merchant. Your rebates will be automatically applied to your monthly statement.


About Eligibility for Mastercard Easy Savings

This program is currently offered to all small business Mastercard credit and signature debit cards.  Many Mastercard issuers offer Mastercard Easy Savings. Call your Mastercard Small Business card Issuer to find out if you are enrolled. 


How do I join Mastercard Easy Savings? / Where do I enroll for Mastercard Easy Savings?

If your Mastercard credit or signature debit card is a small business card and your card Issuer participates in the program you are automatically enrolled.


Is there a fee to join Mastercard Easy Savings?

There is no cost to participate in the Mastercard Easy Savings® Program. There are no coupons or codes. You only need to use your eligible card to get the rebates.


How will I receive the rebates provided by Mastercard Easy Savings?

Mastercard Easy Savings will provide rebates on purchases made at participating Program Partners. This is not a cash back or point redemption program.

Rebates should automatically post to your account in conjunction with a qualifying purchase generally 3-5 business days after the purchase has been made. Rebates do not accumulate; they are posted at the time the qualifying purchase clears. 


Do the rebates have an expiration date?

There are no specific expiration dates on participating Program Partner rebate offers; however, you should check the Web site often for Partner offer details as Partners may change or adjust valid locations. There may also be cases where a Partner decides to provide a special offer in addition to the Mastercard Easy Savings rebate. Continue to check the Mastercard Easy Savings Web site for the latest offers.


Do Mastercard Easy Savings rebates supersede any other rebate or special offer I may receive from a participating Program Partner and/or Bank?

Mastercard Easy Savings rebates are usually in addition to other offers made by participating Program Partners, banks, or other third-party vendors. See the Terms & Conditions and each participating Program Partner offer details for additional information.


Will I receive the same rebate at a participating Program Partner if I use my Mastercard business card for in-store and online purchases?

The particular terms of each rebate offer are unique to each Participating Partner, and Mastercard recommends that you review the offer details for each Partner, which can be found on Mastercard Easy Savings Web site


If some or all the qualifying purchase is returned, will the rebate be impacted?

Yes. At the time of a partial or full return, Mastercard will reverse some or all the rebate.


What happens if a rebate is incorrect, who do I contact?

Any questions regarding qualifying purchases, rebates or participating Program Partners should be directed to your bank — please call the Toll-Free number on the back of your card.



About Customer Service

Your first resource should be the Mastercard Easy Savings Web site.

You should contact your card issuer with any general program information, specifics on participating Program Partner, how to enroll and use the program – please call the Toll-Free number on the back of your card.

Mastercard will oversee the Mastercard Easy Savings Program and work directly with the Program Partners and banks to best service all eligible cardholders.