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Dentist showing X-ray images of teeth to the patient.

Discounts on Medical Tourism Services

The Benefit

Get treatments with the best medical experts, hospitals, and clinics in India, Turkey, UAE, Germany, and Thailand.


Connect with the best medical experts and hospitals and clinics to identify the right healthcare options for you and get up to 10% discount using your eligible Mastercard.
With this service, you can get:
10% discount on service fees for treatments in Turkey and India
5% discount on service fees for treatments in the United Arab Emirates
A second opinion from top specialists in India
Complimentary Concierge Services in Thailand and Germany


  • Eligibility:
    • Consumer Debit and Credit: Titanium, Platinum, World, World Elite™ Mastercard®
    • Consumer Prepaid: Platinum and World Mastercard®
    • Eligible cards issued in EEMEA
  • Destinations:
    • India, Turkey, UAE, Germany and Thailand
  • Offers and benefits may vary by issuing bank. Please check with your issuing bank that this offer is applicable to your Mastercard.