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Manifesto: exquisite cuisine, refined ambiance, enchantment in every dish

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Manifesto is a gastronomic haven in the heart of Baku, where salads become a dance of freshness and taste, and snacks are delightful indulgences. Indulge in delectable coffee beverages with an array of syrups, exquisite teas, and a diverse selection of desserts – from intricately adorned cakes to enticing cheesecakes. The restaurant captivates with its assortment: fresh fish, succulent shrimp, flavorful beef, aromatic kebabs, and refined steaks. Lovingly crafted soups and unparalleled pizzas promise to create unforgettable memories. Be sure to experience the unique burgers, immersing yourself in a symphony of juicy flavors. Special breakfasts ensure an energetic start to the day. At Manifesto, each guest discovers a dish tailored to their taste, and the inviting atmosphere and stylish design only amplify the joy of every moment. Revel in every culinary discovery at the Manifesto Restaurant. Pay with your Mastercard or Maestro and get of 10% off your total purchase.


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  • The offer is valid till 31.12.2024