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A burger and french fries served with two sauces at Uno Burger

Uno Burger: the magic of taste that captivates and satisfies your appetite

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Uno Burger prides itself on not just providing food but creating true art in every burger. Its team of talented chefs, known for their attention to detail, skillfully prepares not only delicious burgers but also mouth-watering nuggets, fresh salads, and delectable hot dogs. This is not merely a place to enjoy great food; it is also an invitation to immerse oneself in an atmosphere of warm hospitality. Uno Burger goes beyond being just a burger; it is an art form created with pride, inviting patrons to fully savor an exceptional dining experience. Pay with your Mastercard or Maestro and get of 5% off your total purchase.


  • To receive the 5% discount, the cardholder must pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Garmin Pay with their registered Mastercard or Maestro card
  • The discount is valid for all Mastercard and Maestro cardholders who pay with POS terminals of 'ABB'
  • The offer is valid till 27.07.2024