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Dining area of the Notiê restaurant with a screen on the ceiling that shows flowers.

Embark on a multi-sensory tour with art and cocktails

Explore the Espaço Priceless and its impeccable architecture, views, and haute cuisine


Espaço Priceless Map it

The Experience

Take an exclusive guided tour of the Espaço Priceless. You'll begin at the historic Alexandre Mackenzie Building, taking a 20th-century elevator to the multi-sensory rooftop. You'll arrive at Atevi, the central hub featuring a fusion of local art, tech, and Brazilian decor, heading through the fancy bar and restaurant Abaru, then, you'll explore the iconic Chef Onildo Rocha's award-winning Notiê restaurant, including a kitchen tour, before concluding at Mirante Notiê to soak in extraordinary downtown São Paulo views. Finally, you can head to the bar and order a free cocktail. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Revelling in local art, gastronomy, and Brazilian culture in an extraordinary space with your favourite foodies.


The highlights


  • Immerse yourself in the Espaço Priceless on a guided tour
  • Ride to the rooftop in the historical Alexandre Mackenzie Building's 20th-century elevator
  • Sip on a cocktail from Abaru
  • Enjoy stunning views of downtown São Paulo


  • Exclusive to Platinum Mastercard®, Mastercard Black™, Mastercard Prepaid Platinum Travel Card, Platinum Mastercard-Immediate Debit, Debit Platinum Mastercard, Mastercard Platinum Prepaid Travel, Mastercard Salary Platinum, Debit Platinum Mastercard-Delayed Debit, Heloc Platinum Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard Prepaid General Spend, Platinum Debit Mastercard Unembossed, Platinum Debit Mastercard Prepaid General Spend and Digital Mastercard Black
  • Priceless experiences are reserved for Mastercard cardholders
  • Experience is available until 27 June 2024
  • Experience is for up to 10 people
  • Dates: 01/19 - 02/29 - 03/28 - 04/25 - 05/23 - 06/27

Fine Print

  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase, unless otherwise noted