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Dining area of Restaurant Badi.

Learn new sustainable seafood recipe from top Croatian chef at Badi restaurant

Join the head chef of Restaurant Badi for a video tutorial in making a blue crab, sea bream, and pomegranate fusion salad


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The Experience

Dazzle your friends with a tantalising new seafood recipe from a virtual workshop in making blue crab, sea bream, and pomegranate fusion salad. In the video, the manager of award-winning Restaurant Badi will start by introducing you to the restaurant and some of its suppliers. Then follow along in your kitchen as head chef Aleksandar Grubić guides you through each step of this deliciously fresh dish. At Restaurant Badi, sustainability has been a priority from the very beginning. They not only source many local ingredients but also strive to maximize the use of each ingredient, creating two or more items from a single one whenever possible. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Seeing your friend's eyes widen as you present your most impressive new recipe.


The highlights


  • Hear an introduction to BADI Restaurant Badi from manager Ivan Badurina
  • Let Chef Aleksandar guide you through the preparation of a delicious crab and bream salad
  • Practice the dish in your kitchen until it meets fine dining standards
  • Discover chef's and owner's dedication to sustainability through local sourcing and efficient ingredient use.


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  • Badi Restaurant is a part of the JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs) Europe
  • Experience is valid until 31 December 2024
  • Recipe ingredients: blue crab, sea bream, pomegranate, parsley, fennel, salt, pepper, olive oil, nutmeg, lime
  • Recipe instructions:
    • Start by cooking the blue crab. Allow it to cool, clean it, and set it aside
    • Next, create a pomegranate emulsion by blending olive oil and a pinch of salt with pomegranate juice using a hand blender
    • Then, fillet the sea bream and use the fish to make a carpaccio, placing it at the base of the salad
    • Finally, prepare a fennel salad by adding a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, and some olive oil
    • To finish, season the blue crab salad with salt, pepper, olive oil, lime zest, a hint of nutmeg, and some parsley
    • Plate and serve
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