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Explore the art of coffee of gin and dine with a view at Sillyfox!

Uncover history, relish coffee delights, indulge in a 10-course feast, and unwind at The Yard Hotel


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US$814 per person*

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The Experience

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure at Sillyfox, where an exclusive and unique offer awaits you. Begin with a private, one-on-one guided tour of the historic Noordkade site, unveiling the rich history of this monumental building and its newly established businesses. Dive into the world of coffee at the Noordkade coffee roastery with a specialized tasting and barista training. The evening unfolds with a Champagne kickoff, leading to a gastronomic delight – a 10-course dinner with a perfectly matched wine arrangement, all enjoyed at a breathtaking height of 32 meters. Take a leisurely stroll through the charming harbor before concluding your experience with a luxurious overnight stay at The Yard Hotel. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Discovering culinary secrets while assisting the chefs in the kitchen alongside your favorite food lover




  • Personalized Noordkade Tour: Explore the historic site and its businesses
    Coffee Roastery & Sky-High Dining: Enjoy coffee tasting, barista training, and a 10-course dinner with panoramic views


  • Priceless experiences are reserved for Mastercard cardholders
  • This experience can be booked until, 31st of December 2024
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Fine Print

  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase, unless otherwise noted