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A waiter serving a table in a dining hall of På Skissernas restaurant

Dine Amidst Artistic Grandeur at På Skissernas

Dive into a Nordic culinary tribute with an exclusive 10% discount


The Offer

Step into På Skissernas, nestled within the Skissernas Museum in Lund, where every bite is a tribute to Nordic culinary traditions. Led by head chef Mattias Jönsson Caesar and manager Johan Persson, the restaurant crafts seasonal menus that echo the museum's artistic spirit. From the "Sea & Land" seven-course delight to the curated Swedish beverages, every element is a testament to sustainability and taste. As art surrounds you, let the flavors paint a memorable evening. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.




  • Relish the "Sea & Land" seven-course menu
  • Dive into a menu that evolves with the seasons
  • Sip on curated Swedish wines and in-house beverages
  • Revel in the ambiance of the world-renowned Skissernas Museum
  • Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on your bill


  • The offer is valid until 13 February 2024
  • The offer is valid for new bookings only
  • Please note that this offer is subject to table availability
  • Priceless does not take responsibility for finding vacancies
  • The offer applies to the bill for a full meal including non-alcoholic beverages, does not apply to alcohol
  • Booking is done directly with the restaurant
  • Information about any allergies and special requests is provided directly to the restaurant upon booking
  • Detailed information about the restaurant and its opening hours can be found on the website
  • På Skissernas
    • Finngatan 2
    • 223 62 Lund
    • Phone no.: +46 46 222 68 68
    • E-mail address: info@paskissernas.se
    • Opening hours:
      • Monday closed
      • Tuesday-Wednesday 11.30am-5pm
      • Thursday-Friday 11.30am-11pm
      • Saturday 12pm-11pm
      • Sunday 12pm-5pm