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Embark on a Wild Culinary Journey at Jord

Unlock 10% off Jord's mystery menu, a seasonal taste adventure


The Offer

At Jord, the dining experience is an adventure, a reflection of nature's ever-changing rhythm. Here, anticipation is part of the allure, as guests delve into a tasting menu without prior knowledge, enhancing the element of surprise. With around 12 servings, each dish is a tribute to the local area, changing with the seasons. Whether it's game they've hunted, hand-picked vegetables, or self-caught fish, Jord offers a dining experience deeply rooted in sustainability. Complement your meal with their recommended beverage pairings, be it non-alcoholic options or wines that harmonize with Nordic flavors. And as a keepsake, take home the printed menu, a reminder of a night where nature took center stage. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.




  • Experience a surprise 12-serving tasting menu
  • Dive into dishes sourced and crafted by Jord
  • Relish in 3-time Game Restaurant of the Year
  • Celebrate their Michelin Green Star for sustainability
  • Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on your bill


  • The offer is valid until 14 February 2024
  • The offer is valid for new bookings only
  • Please note that this offer is subject to table availability
  • Priceless does not take responsibility for finding vacancies
  • The offer applies to the bill for a full meal including non-alcoholic beverages, does not apply to alcohol
  • Booking is done directly with the restaurant
  • Promotion valid Wednesday and Thursday only
  • Information about any allergies and special requests is provided directly to the restaurant upon booking
  • Detailed information about the restaurant and its opening hours can be found on the website
  • Restaurant Jord