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Traditional Japanese dish with noodles, mushroom, meat and greens served in top-rated restaurants of Kyoto.

Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Kyoto's most popular restaurants

Introducing Kyoto's highly rated restaurants from Japan's largest restaurant reservation site Tabelog


The Experience

Dine at the best restaurants in Kyoto by booking through Tabelog, the biggest restaurant discovery and reservation app in Japan. Find your ideal restaurant by searching through Tabelog's list of recommendations. Once you've found your restaurant, book a table directly through the app. Indulge at top-rated restaurants such as Nishi, an omakase restaurant with a signature dish of hamo (conger eel) cooked in dashi soup. Or, tuck in at Hachikan, a celebrity-favorite chicken restaurant, and Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant CHIMERA, which uses Kameoka duck bred exclusively in Kyoto.


What's priceless


Exploring the best of Kyoto's culinary scene with fellow food lovers.


The highlights


  • Search through personalized restaurant recommendations on Tabelog
  • Book a table directly through the app
  • Relish gourmet cuisine from around the world


Yamashita(Japanese Cuisine)★3.71/5.00

A kappo (Japanese cuisine) small restaurant located near the Takase River, the area that still retains the atmosphere of Kyoto. The restaurant offers Kyoto cuisine that expresses the bounty of nature from season to season into a supreme dish. The signature dish is a thinly sliced okoze served with a special ponzu sauce. The restaurant procures high-quality okoze throughout the year, and by processing it immediately from the tank, which decorates the dish with the best amount of seaside aroma. Counter seats will be great to enjoy the restaurant's Japanese-style interior. Friendly chats with the owner, Shigeru Yamashita, while watching him at work, will feel very welcoming. A la carte orders are also available, which is rare in Kyoto cuisine. You will also find it delightful by the owner's wish, that you should eat what you want and as much as you want.



This machiya restaurant has a modern appearance that blends in with the elegant streets of Gion. Combining the finest Japanese ingredients from all over Japan, Chef Tsutsui's techniques create a variety of innovative and original dishes. The Italian dishes incorporating Japanese elements are colorful and beautiful. The signature dish is the "Chimera's Exclusive Low Temperature Roasted Kameoka Etofe Duck ." In his search for the ideal duck, he had it bred in Kameoka, Kyoto, exclusively for the restaurant. The duck, which has been thoroughly controlled from feeding, slaughtering and aging, is served with seasonal Kyoto vegetables. You will witness and experience the chef's tireless pursuit of flavor.


ristorante nakamoto(Italian / French)★3.96/5.00

A casual gastronomy Italian restaurant on a street corner. Owner-chef Akihiro Nakamoto is a talented chef who was in charge of the pasta department at a famous Italian restaurant "Enoteca Pinchiorri." After many years of study in Florence and New York, he opened a restaurant in his hometown of Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture. His signature dish is the "Vegetable plate," which is made with aa rich variety of local vegetables. They specializes in char-grilled, wood-fired, deep-fried, sauteed, boiled, raw, pickled, and other ways to bring out the best of the vegetables' natural characteristics. Guests from Japan and abroad gathers to this restaurant for this dish that changes by the season.


Nishi(Japanese Cuisine)★4.18/5.00
Omakase kaiseki restaurant located near Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto. Using an abundance of sumptuous ingredients, the restaurant offers a perfect harmony of tradition and character for a relaxing moment. The deep flavors and gentle aftertaste of the Kyoto cuisine created by the owner's delicate skills will fill your mouth with a sense of happiness. One of the most anticipated dishes is the "Bowl of Botan Hamo (Japanese conger eel). Enjoy the delicious taste of hamo (conger eel) that has been lightly coated with kudzu powder and cooked slowly in dashi soup. The refined aroma of matsutake mushrooms in the dashi will remind you that autumn has arrived. The restaurant has a wine sommelier and sake taster, and offers a wide selection of sake and alcohol. Feel the emotion of the four seasons as you enjoy the finest sake.


gionni-yongo(Italian / French)★3.72/5.00

This modern Italian restaurant offers a surprising fusion of French and Italian cuisine. You will be thrilled by the combination of dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. Chef Masakazu Yoshioka trained in seven countries before opening his own restaurant in Gion, Kyoto. His international sensibility comes to life in his artful course meals, which are colorfully prepared with seasonal ingredients. The signature dish is "Smoked eel with half-boiled quail egg." It is an elaborate dish that allows you to enjoy the aroma and flavor all at once in a bite. Come and enjoy talking with the chef, who has attended to culinary events around the world, and particularly well versed in European cuisine.



This restaurant is a new type of yakiniku restaurant that combines the gentle flavors of Japanese cuisine. As a sister store of the Tabelog Award-winning "Tominokoji Yamagishi", it has been a hot spot since its opening in 2021. The popular menu is the "Uniku Dog," a palm-sized nori roll with a row of mouth-melting uni. The "Uniku Dog" is a sumptuous dish that adds sirloin meat to the "Uni Dog," a well-known specialty of Tomikoji Yamagishi. Enjoy it in a renovated machiya (traditional townhouse), a space that is overflowing with the atmosphere of Kyoto.


Mashita(Japanese Cuisine)★3.77/5.00
This Japanese restaurant is located one step away from the bustle of Kyoto. The restaurant is popular for its warmth and high quality cuisine. The heart of the cuisine is the fresh ingredients purchased by the chef every morning, the dashi soup carefully drawn from bonito and kelp. The dishes are not that flashy, but they are all deeply satisfying and delicious. The "Seasonal Hachisun" dish, which is presented in the middle of the course, is especially praised. It expresses the changing scenery, customs, and festivals of the four seasons. The warm and friendly hospitality is also comfortable and makes you want to visit the restaurant on a moment's notice.


Marutamachiyangasu(Japanese Cuisine)★3.72/5.00
Innovative and sake kaiseki restaurant that proposes new ideas of cuisine based on the concept of "new food experiences" in Kyoto. Each dish is prepared using Kyoto ingredients, and sometimes a surprising combination of dishes is hidden. A classic dish is the "monkfish liver monaka," which is served as a course meal on days when the restaurant has the ingredients. The rich monkfish liver from Hokkaido, cooked at a low temperature, is sandwiched in a bamboo charcoal kneaded monaka. It is a delightful dish by the sweetness of the homemade mango sauce and Narazuke (pickled water melon) inside. In addition to "delicious," the chef also wants to bring "joy" to his customers. The plates, the atmosphere, and the aroma of the food all add to the excitement of the experience. The mariage of the chef's special sake is also highly recommended.


A long-established chicken restaurant established in 1970. The restaurant offers a variety of chicken dishes that have been loved by many celebrities and supported by generations of customers. The Mizutaki chicken dish, which can be ordered from two persons or more, is a specialty that combines large pieces of aged chicken using a unique technique, with Kyoto vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum greens, Kyoto-style tofu, and Kyoto-style thin udon noodles to further enhance the real flavor of the chicken. The homemade ponzu vinegar, made without sparing any time or effort, is also delicious with a fresh citrus aroma and mild acidity. The zosui (rice porridge) made from the chicken and vegetable broth is an unforgettable dish of bliss. Another highlight of the restaurant is its 120-year-old building, which has been certified by Kyoto City as a "Kyo-machiya" (traditional Kyoto townhouse).


Kyoto-wakuden(Japanese Cuisine)★3.79/5.00

This ryotei restaurant offers a panoramic view of the city of Kyoto and the northern part of Kyoto. It is directly connected to Kyoto Station. The restaurant is visited by customers of all ages to enjoy the traditional taste of the monthly course menus. The restaurant's origin dates back to 1870, when the first generation Denemon Wakuya established the ryokan "Waku Den" in Tango, northern Kyoto, and the restaurant maintains the taste inherited from a long-established restaurant despite its reasonable price. The open kitchen offers a realistic view of the cooking process. Many customers look forward to the "red snappers black sushi." The popular chirashi-sushi, which consists of thin slices of red snappers on soy sauce flavored rice, is a specialty of the restaurant and is available as a choice in all courses.


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