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Indulge in extraordinary dining at Hokkaido's most popular restaurants

Introducing Hokkaido's high rated restaurants from Japan's largest reservation site Tabelog


The Experience

Savor the most marvelous meals in Hokkaido with Tabelog's top-rated dining destinations. You'll get the opportunity to dine at Hokkaido's most enticing restaurants with ratings over 3.5 stars out of 5, including teppanyaki at Towenthiwankurabu and Teppanyakiyamanami, seafood at Oga, Spanish cuisine at Yoichi LOOP, and so much more. Plus, you'll get tailor-made recommendations based on your taste and you can make reservations directly through the app. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


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Sharing Hokkaido's fabulous international fare from Tabelog with fellow culinary adventurers.


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  • Search through tailored restaurant recommendations on Tabelog
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  • Relish delicious gourmet cuisine from around the world



Mezonhuziyahakodate(French) ★4.00/5.00

This French restaurant is located in Motomachi, the western district of Hakodate, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Located on top of Nijumenzaka Hill with a great view, you can enjoy ingredients from southern Hokkaido in a one-of-a-kind location. The chef's specialties are found in all of the dishes that emphasizes the bounty of nature and the good old traditions of Hokkaido. One dish in particular that has received rave reviews is the "Bubba Flounder Bon Fame". This classic dish is made with thick, fatty winter flounder, which is then cooked, topped with a special sauce, and oven-baked to perfection. This famous restaurant is a highlight of Hakodate sightseeing.


International Wine Bar Romanee(French) ★3.59/5.00

A French restaurant and wine bar that has added color to the Susukino district since its establishment in 1989, it attracts discerning diners who come to enjoy the marriage of more than 800 bottles of wine from over 400 varieties and authentic French cuisine. A popular accompaniment to wine is the "Hokkaido Viei Herb Beef Fillet Roti Sauce Perigueux." This French dish is oven-baked with Hokkaido Viei Herb Beef, with light and smooth texture. It has a refreshing aftertaste and is a perfect match for the beautiful brown sauce Périgueux, which is sweet and rich. The wine list is selected by a sommelier according to the tastes of the guests. This is a spot where both gourmets and novices can feel at ease.


Oga(Seafood) ★3.72/5.00

This izakaya near Susukino Station serves fresh seafood, with five water tanks set up to allow diners to enjoy a wide variety of freshly caught seafood throughout the year. The freshness of the ingredients, such as live squid, live hairy crabs, live king crabs, live Hanasaki crabs, and live snow crabs, are all shipped directly from the seas around Hokkaido. The "Kinki no Shabu Shabu" is a must-try menu that is often ordered by both locals and tourists. The spacious 130-seat restaurant is all private rooms. All rooms are equipped with a sunken kotatsu, and can be used for either a large group of people or for a more relaxed solo dining experience. It can be used for all kinds of occasions.


Hizen(Sushi) ★3.59/5.00
A restaurant where you can enjoy a la carte dishes and sushi in a stylish bar-like atmosphere. After enjoying snacks and a la carte dishes, you will be served the main course of sushi, which is like a full course meal. The sushi using seafood carefully selected by the owner himself, has a reputation for the rice collapsing in your mouth and the delicious flavor of the fish spreading. The dishes are all full of creativity, and are distinctly different from ordinary sushi restaurants. Not only the taste, but also the presentation is superb. Gourmet connoisseurs comes and gets fascinated by the difference from other sushi restaurants and Japanese restaurants. The course menu changes daily, so you will have to wait until you visit the restaurant for a detailed description.


Natsumebettei(Sushi) ★3.51/5.00
The restaurant is located on the B1 floor of a building near Tanuki Koji Station. This sushi restaurant is cozy and relaxed, and lively staffs works together to provide hospitality. The main seating area is at the counter, and the restaurant serves both course and a la carte menus, even for one person. In addition to sushi using many Hokkaido ingredients, customers can also enjoy a variety of a la carte dishes and delicacies to go with their drinks. A wide variety of sake and wine lineup will satisfy all the drinkers as well. For lunch, the "Natsume Lunch Set " is popular, offering authentic sushi at a reasonable price. The "freshness" of the ingredients and the "spirit" of the craftsmen will deign you a "chic" time.


resutoramminami(French) ★3.54/5.00

This modern French restaurant offers a superb view of the Akarenga Government Building and the rows of gingko trees in front of the restaurant. During the day, the large, liberating windows let in plenty of gentle natural light, and at night, the candles sway in the air, creating an extraordinary atmosphere. The main dining room is luxuriously arranged with all seats near the windows. The simple dishes are prepared using a variety of high quality ingredients selected from all over Japan and abroad, and are prepared with a sense of purity by discerning the essence of the ingredients and eliminating unnecessary elements. Each dish stimulates the senses as if it were a slice of the season, and each mouthful is more satisfying than the last. A popular menu item is the "Duck with fig foie gras." It is a dish that fully demonstrates Chef Daisuke Minami's individuality.


Yoichi LOOP(Spain) ★3.62/5.00

Modern Spanish cuisine, where you can fully experience a world of gastronomy like you have never tasted before. The chef is Mr. Niki, who is well versed in a wide range of genres including Japanese, French, and Spanish cuisine. The dishes incorporate the rich seasonal ingredients of "Yoichi the treasure chest of food." Even in the same season, the contents vary depending on the conditions of the year and the month. The staff, led by the chef, devises ideas and innovations, and lets you enjoy the "best moment". The signature menu is the "Yoichi Cuisine Course" consisting of 9 dishes, including "Yoichi Herring Stick Sushi." Sommelier Kuratomi selects local Yoichi wines and other rare items to enhance the flavor of the dishes.


Towenthiwankurabu(Teppanyaki) ★3.55/5.00
Located on the 25th floor of Premier Hotel Nakajima Koen Sapporo. This restaurant offers an authentic teppanyaki dinner in a perfect location with a beautiful night view from 100 meters above the ground. The restaurant offers an extraordinary and special dining experience as a dedicated chef delicately and meticulously cooks the ingredients right in front of your eyes. The most popular menu is "Furano Wagyu steak," Hokkaido's black Japanese beef raised in the rich natural environment of Furano. You can also enjoy freshly grilled seasonal seafood such as lobster and abalone. The resident sommelier will be happy to suggest wines to match your meal. Private and semi-private rooms are available for those who want to relax without worrying about their surroundings, and the privacy of these rooms is another reason for the restaurant's popularity.


Teppanyakiyamanami(Teppanyaki) ★3.62/5.00

Located on the 22nd floor of the hotel, this restaurant offers a night view of Sapporo and carefully selected seasonal ingredients. It is the only restaurant in Sapporo that is registered as a Kobe Beef designated restaurant, where you can enjoy the chef's sophisticated performance right in front of you. The chef's perfectly grilled Japanese black beef has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Vegetables are selected from Hokkaido's seasonal produce. The vegetables are served with maximized flavor. The experienced staff will be happy to suggest the perfect marriage of beverages to match your meal. We also offer courses perfect for anniversaries and celebrations, perfect for special occasions and special moments.


La Provence(Bistro) ★3.50/5.00

This Japanese Western-style restaurant offers authentic hotel-made cuisine in a casual atmosphere at a reasonable price. As represented by the popular "Classic Curry with Hokkaido Black Wagyu Beef," the restaurant offers dishes prepared with special cooking methods using ingredients mainly from Hokkaido. The main dishes using fresh seafood are also very popular. Salads, breads, soups, and handmade desserts made by the pastry chef are available for free refills. The restaurant also offers unlimited coffee, wine, and other beverages, making it a great value and a very satisfying dining experience.


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