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Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Osaka's most popular restaurants

Introducing Osaka's high rated restaurants from Japan's largest restaurant reservation site Tabelog


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Savor the flavors of Osaka with Tabelog, Japan's largest restaurant discovery and reservation site. This popular online platform is your key to finding restaurants that have been recognized by thousands of diners who share their ratings in a constantly updated, easy-to-search database. Choose from some of the city's top spots with a rating of over 3.5/5.00—representing just 3% of the total—and have a meal you'll never forget. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


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Exploring the best of Osaka's culinary scene with your favorite foodies.


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Tatemoto(Japanese Cuisine) ★3.70/5.00
Since 72 years from establishment, this famous restaurant has consistently focused on wild Japanese pufferfish. The method of serving natural puffer fish is, to cut in pieces and age it in a refrigerator to optimize the amount of water in it and condense its flavor,which is the old-fashioned main stream style. You can enjoy real pufferfish dishes that cannot be tasted from cultured pufferfish. The signature dish is "tessa (thinly sliced puffer fish)," which is made from the rare chateaubriand part of wild pufferfish. The taste and texture of this dish are enhanced by a unique technique, and you will be able to enjoy the best of pufferfish cuisine, which is the culmination of the master's skill. The restaurant is completely closed during the summer when there is no pufferfishing.


Agnel d'or(French)★3.94/5.00
This restaurant offers a unique taste of Japan's four seasons and culture through French cuisine. The originality of the cuisine is particularly appealing as it is less salty than most French cuisine, and emphasizes umami and aroma. The dishes are a perfect blend of the chef's unique cooking techniques and the maintained elegant style of French cuisine. The signature dish is the "Roast Hiroshima baby boar with various wild vegetables". The char-grilled wild boar accompanied by wild vegetables from all over Japan, offering a unique to the seasonal taste. The restaurant's interior is a minimal, Zen-like space with a warm, off-white color that beautifully accentuates the cuisine. Be intoxicated by the elegant and delicate theme of the fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.


A restaurant with a touch of elegance suitable for a special occasion. From the building to the furnishings and tableware, everything has been carefully cared for over the past half century, creating a space with a deep sense of elegance. Gourmets gather here to enjoy the rich variety of wines and the teppanyaki using only the finest A5 black Kobe beef steaks. The popular dish is the "Teppanyaki Fresh Foie Gras" which uses the original balsamic vinegar. Under the guidance of Professor Paolo Giudici of the University of Modena, nine barrels and balsamic vinegar were imported from Modena, Italy, and aged for 19 years to create this rare dish. It will be a special experience for those seeking a more valuable and authentic taste.


Kigawa(Japanese Cuisine)★3.72/5.00
This long-established restaurant continues to deliver Osaka cuisine under the motto of "Shimatsu no kokoro," which means to savor all the ingredients to the fullest. The menu is created keeping a half-step ahead of the times in mind, and incorporating French techniques into traditional Naniwa kappou cuisine to create unique dishes. The signature dish is an impressive sashimi dish called "Kigawa-style Sosomi Kassen." Each piece is seasoned to the type of seafood. The famous Osaka cuisine, sashimi, will be elevated with gorgeous presentation and techniques of French cuisine, making it an even more enjoyable and fulfilling dish. Seating options includes, a tatami room for casual conversation, a quieter counter on the second floor, and a counter on the first floor where diners can watch the cooking process. You will encounter new Osaka cuisine at this long-established restaurant that continues to evolve innovatively.


This fine Italian restaurant on the first floor of the Daibiru building, which has an exotic atmosphere by the Taisho era neo-Romanesque design. Unlike the massive exterior, inside you will find a soft and clean space with a white tone. The cuisine has a variety of "cucina creativa," which is called the evolution of Italian cuisine. Innovative techniques are added to the preserved tradition, and vividly expressed on the plate. The 10 dish-course is composed of dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients each month, and continues to attract customers with its newness. The signature dish is the "Spaghetti Pomodoro," a tomato-sauce pasta that has been loved since the opening. Featuring savory vegetables that have been slowly sauteed over a period of 10 hours. You can enjoy a wide variety of Italian dishes in a classic modern and extraordinary space.


This French restaurant has a cozy, homey atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The restaurant has been in business for 33 years and is well known for its consistent taste and service. The owner himself goes to the market every day to purchase the freshest seasonal ingredients, and creates courses that are precisely calculated to suit the season. Not only the main course, but the innovative and beautiful desserts created by the madam are not to be missed. The signature dish is the "Roasted Wagyu Beef with Blue Cheese and Mustard Sauce," which is made exclusively from the ichibo part. The best way to have it is to taste the meat itself first, followed by a bit of salt and pepper, and finally the sauce, which is served separately. The sauce includes blue cheese, which gives the meat a special flavor that can only be experienced here.


Enjoy a luxurious yakiniku with the best Kobe beef, which would normally be used for steak. The meat used is "Tajima beef & Tsuru beef", which is the highest grade of meat. You can taste the lean meat, which is the true flavor of the meat, and the moderate amount of fat is pleasant. In order to find the purest Tajima cows, the chef has researched the bloodlines of the cows down to their ancestors, just like tracing the "vines" of a plant. Another popular dish is the "Tsuru beef homemade cold noodles," which is will be prepared from flour as soon as an order is placed. The noodles are handmade with a lot of time and effort which make the texture chewy, and the deep flavor of the soup are unstoppable. Great offer for such a luxurious menu at a reasonable price.


The concept of this restaurant is the marriage of champagne and tempura. Popular from many regular customers for many years by the friendly customer service and the casual atmosphere. We recommend the seven tempura dishes included in the "Omakase Course," which uses seasonal ingredients. In order to offer tempura that goes well with wine or champagne, the ingredients used for frying are a mixture of tradition and innovation, allowing diners to enjoy a wide variety of tastes. The thin crisp and elegant texture of the tempura, carefully fried using menjitsu is enjoyable. Your stomach and mind will be satisfied by the champagne and tempura.


We carefully select virgin Kobe and Matsuzaka cows, which are pure-bred Tajima cows. The ultimate steak is grilled using binchotan charcoal in a custom-built kiln. Kiln grilling is the ultimate cooking method that brings out the best flavor straight from the meat and finishes it to its best condition. The reason why this restaurant continues to be supported despite its simple serving style is, because of its uncompromising attitude toward ingredients, which leads to its reliable quality. A popular dish is the "Wagyu tongue steak," using only the rare Matsuzaka beef tongue. You must witness the exquisite doneness, achieved through the skill and experience of Chef Fukuda, a pioneer in oven-baked steaks. The interior of modern and relaxed seating and delicately designed tableware offers you a space to enjoy your meal.


You can enjoy shabu-shabu only available here under the supervision of Chef Hasegawa of "Gourmandise," a restaurant that is extremely difficult to make reservations. The signature dish is the "Phantom Miwa Beef Shabu Shabu. The melt-in-your-mouth texture of the rare Miwa beef from Nara Prefecture's Tawaramoto Livestock Breeding, which is dipped in a kombu broth is extraordinary. The fat has a sweet and rich flavor, despite the light seasoning. It goes perfectly with the restaurant's original salt ponzu (Japanese citrus juice) and sesame sauce. The restaurant, which resembles a luxury ryokan, is fully equipped with private rooms with horigotatsu (sunken kotatsu). Each room has its own staff in charge of cooking the meat to assure you delightful meal experience.


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