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Savor unforgettable meals at Fukuoka's most popular restaurants with Tabelog

Introducing Fukuoka's high rated restaurants from Japan's largest reservation site Tabelog


The Experience

Treat your taste buds to unparalleled gastronomic greatness with Tabelog's highest-rated restaurants in Fukuoka. You'll get tailor-made recommendations to the city's best epicurean hot spots with ratings above 3.5 out of 5.0 stars, including French restaurants Guransyario, Raisin d'Or, and Restaurant Sola, sushi at edokokoroyamaboushi and sushitsukamoto, Japanese cuisine at Ajimi and Chikae, and much more. Plus, you'll be able to book your reservations to these sought-after dining destinations directly through the Tabelog app. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless™


Dining at Fukuoka's best culinary establishments with your favorite foodies.


The highlights


  • Search through tailored restaurant recommendations on Tabelog
  • Book directly through the app
  • Indulge in delectable international gourmet cuisines


Restaurant Sola(French) ★4.01/5.00

Chef Yoshitake, experienced in France, offers a rich dining experience to a wide range of customers through his professional skills. The 12,000 yen course offers a surprising performance, as if it goes against the trend of high-end high-priced restaurants. The signature dish is the "Seasonal Vegetable Hors d'oeuvre." You can enjoy this beautiful and colorful appetizer, which is made with powerful vegetables from Kyushu and seafood from the Genkai Sea. The chef's policy is to use ingredients that are abundantly available and delicious rather than rare, and to make the flavors easy to understand. This is a restaurant you will want to take your friends, family, and loved ones to.


Raisin d'Or(French) ★3.73/5.00

The concept of the restaurant is a "small grand maison." The chef wants diners to enjoy an "extraordinary" space, so he is particular about the things that they touch, such as vintage cutlery and dishes made by artists from Limoges, France and other countries. The omakase course is the only available menu. The chef prepares a course meal from carefully selected ingredients from all over Kyushu that arrive that day. The signature dish is the "Poiret de Foie Gras," which uses high-quality foie gras. The surface of the foie gras is browned and lightly seasoned with a seasonal sauce. The owner-sommelier also has a wine list of 400 French wines, so you can enjoy "pairing" each dish with a different wine.


edokokoroyamaboushi(Sushi) ★3.82/5.00

This Edomae Sushi restaurant is the result of the owner's desire for customers to enjoy the authentic technique of sushi casually. The chef is originally from Asakusa, Tokyo. The interior of the restaurant, inspired by the Kaminarimon gate and Senso-ji temple, is a chic space with red and black as its base color. "Edomae Sushi is a type of sushi that started out in yatai stalls and has become more upscale in recent years. I hope you will enjoy our frank sushi at our restaurant," says the owner. The signature menu is the "Edomae Nigiri Omakase Course." You can fully enjoy 12 pieces of sushi, using techniques from the late Edo period. The owner is also willing to explain the ingredients to customers from overseas as much as possible.


sushitsukamoto(Sushi) ★3.66/5.00

A five-minute walk from Kokura Station, this sushi restaurant is tucked away in an alley behind Cent City. In addition to its signature cypress counter seating, the restaurant has two private tatami rooms that are perfect for dinner parties. We recommend the "omakase course." Starting with a snack using the freshest ingredients. The sushi, which is aged to maximize the individuality and flavor of the fish, will delight your eyes and tongue one after another. The sushi is prepared with two types of rice to match the seafood, and the handmade karasumi is another example of the craftsman's meticulous handiwork. The sake served alongside the sushi is also a gem. "Toyo Bijin" and "Oroku," which are served to VIP guests and business leaders, as well as seasonal sake are also available. Enjoy a relaxing and blissful time with specially selected sushi made from fresh and delicious ingredients and the sake that goes with them.


Rikihanten(Yakiniku) ★3.68/5.00

This yakiniku restaurant is located near Tenjin Chuo Park. The restaurant does not use any Japanese black beef, but instead uses "AKAMI," which is healthy and tasty. The popular menu is the "OMAKASE Course (A Course)" for 13,000 yen. High-class ingredients from that day's stock are served in a variety of parts and flavors. You can enjoy "AKAMI" wagyu beef, not black wagyu beef, such as Kumamoto red beef and Japanese shorthorn beef. The high-class atmosphere with sofiscated and relaxing space and comfortable service is also why they are loved. The restaurant attracts many customers not only from within the prefecture but also from overseas.


Wakojima(Japanese Cuisines) ★3.56/5.00

This Japanese restaurant is a hidden gem located in the back alley of Takasago, not far from Yakuin. They offer seasonal beauty expressed on Arita-yaki porcelain plates using carefully selected seasonal ingredients. In the modern Japanese restaurant with jazz music playing, there are seats overlooking the tsuboniwa garden, private rooms with a special atmosphere, and counter seats where you can enjoy conversations with the owner are also popular. The signature menu is "Steak Kaiseki," featuring A5-rank steak of selected Japanese black beef from Kyushu. It comes with an appetizer, soup, sashimi, steamed dish, and dessert, and the flavorful rice cooked in an earthenware pot is also popular. For lunch, we also offer simple donburi (rice bowl) and course menus. The evening course menu is perfect for anniversaries and bussiness dinners. "Of course that the food is delicious. We also try to provide great hospitality so that our customers can enjoy conversations and leave with a smile on their face after a delicious meal," says the owner.


Kiyoki(Steak) ★3.63/5.00

This steakhouse serves Kinoshita beef from Kinoshita Farm in Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture. Only 50 to 60 head of healthy, carefully raised Kinoshita beef are shipped annually. At "Seiki", which buys a whole Kinoshita beef, every part of the beef is made into a variety of dishes. The main dish, steak, is prepared by the chef, who determines the best part of the beef and uses the best cooking method. There is also a wide selection of small dishes to enjoy with traditional Japanese vegetables and fresh Kyushu fish, as well as a broad lineup of beverages. Small beef bowls, rice dishes such as garlic rice, and udon noodles with beef broth are also recommended. Ten seats around a large table offers an exciting view of the cooking scene. The restaurant has a moderately casual atmosphere, and the friendly service of the staff is pleasant.


Chikae(Japanese Cuisines) ★3.54/5.00

The highlight of the restaurant is the huge fish tank, 12 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 1.2 meters deep. More than 30 varieties of live fish from all over Kyushu swim in the fish tank, satisfying customers' taste buds, eyes, and ears. The chef serves dishes with the attitude of "If you are going to make it, make the best of it," as they diligently pursue deliciousness from the ingredients. The chefs go to the market every morning in the dark to select live fish, which are then released into the restaurant's fish tank. The signature menu is the "Mentaiko Assortment." It is a delghitful combination of spicy cod roe, squid cod roe, salmon roe cod roe, sardine cod roe, and fried cod roe.


Guransyario(French) ★3.74/5.00

A French restaurant where you can enjoy the elaborate cuisine of a top rated chef. The restaurant offers custom-made course meals that suit the tastes and allergies of customers, and allows them to fully enjoy the volume and quality of dishes as much as served at dinner for lunch too. The sugnature menu is the "foie gras nougat," which is perfect with wine. The sweetness of onions and the flavor of the foie gras combine to create a delicious and aromatic dish. The restaurant's top sommelier offers the ideal marriage of food and wine, with a list of approximately 1,000 bottles, including rare vintages back from the 1960s. The interior design creates a prestigious and relaxed atmosphere, and even when the restaurant is full, it is spacious and relaxing.


Ajimi(Japanese Cuisines) ★3.66/5.00

The restaurant's name is derived from the idea of always keeping in mind not only the "taste" of the food, but also the "beauty" that makes one's heart flutter. The restaurant values "Six tastes", adding the "human taste" to the five basic tastes of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami. With the mission of conveying Japanese cuisine as a culture, they welcome you with warmth that can be felt through conversation, which they consider to be the final taste. The chef himself carefully selects the best ingredients by the policy of local production & consumption. Hot food is served hot, cold food is served cold, the best of all dishes will be served. The signature dish is "Nodoguro Wakasayaki," a dish of nodoguro grilled in Wakasa style and served in a Japanese style square dish. The restaurant's interior space and service are designed to provide a relaxing experience.


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