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A French marine dish served with chopsticks.

Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Tokyo's most popular restaurants

Introducing Tokyo's high rated restaurants from Japan's largest restaurant reservation site Tabelog


The Experience

Indulge in the best Tokyo restaurants by searching and booking through Tabelog. Find your perfect restaurant by searching through Tabelog's list of recommendations, which are filtered by search criteria, editorial content, and the interests of similar users. Once you've found your restaurant, book a table directly through the app. Eat out at top-rated restaurants such as Nikuya Tanaka Ginza, an intimate omakase restaurant with eight seats. Other options include the Italian Ristorante La Ciau and Quintessence, a French restaurant with a Kyoto goat's milk bavarois as the signature dish.


What's priceless


Exploring the best of Tokyo's culinary scene with your favorite foodies.


The highlights


  • Search through tailored restaurant recommendations on Tabelog
  • Book directly through the app
  • Relish delicious gourmet cuisine from around the world


Volo Cosi(Italian) ★3.68/5.00

This restaurant with a classic interior located in a quiet residential area in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Owner-chef Daisuke Nishiguchi worked as a chef at the one-star restaurant "Locanda Vecchia Pavia" in Veneto for five years. He strives to offer the latest authentic Italian cuisine based on traditional dishes. He offers seasonal special courses, using unique northern Italy ingredients. The signature dishes are as an assortment of seafood appetizers prepared by a Venetian way and, a variety of handmade pastas such as "polenta and taleggio cheese ravioli"; a recipe he learned in Venice. Enjoy a luxurious time with the sommelier's selection of wines and "special cuisine".


Nikuya Tanaka(Japanese) ★4.40/5.00

Meat master "Satoru Tanaka" is challenging the top of meat kappo (Japanese-style restaurant). The wagyu beef he serves is selected from all over Japan based on his experience and sense of taste. The restaurant offers only "omakase"(Todays special) courses for customers to enjoy the most exquisite dishes of the day. This course allows you to enjoy rare meat with seasonal ingredients in a variety of dishes. The finest techniques of Japanese dish make it worthy in the name of "meat kappou". At the small counter with eight seats, which are only for reservations, you will receive a warm hospitality from "Satoru Tanaka," who values communication with their customers. At this restaurant, you are sure to encounter the best meat available in Japan for the day.


Nanban Gin-En-Tei(Japanese Western Style)★3.70/5.00

"This Western-style restaurant is located in a prestigious and sophisticated Ginza district, maintaining an everyday, unpretentious atmosphere. The Kanji for ""En"" in ""Gin-En-Tei"" was taken from an essay written by Kenichi Yoshida. It represents his wish for customers to have a ""mellow"" time in Ginza. This restaurant continues to offer the ""Japanese Western cuisine"" with a variety of masterpieces that incorporate seasonal ingredients. The dishes are served in small portions as hors d'oeuvres, just like kaiseki cuisine, is also a pleasure to enjoy. The signature dish is the beef stew, which boasts a demi-glace sauce carefully prepared over two weeks, and hot vegetables are served separately so that the sauce can be tasted individually. Have a great time by the old-fashioned, high-quality Western cuisine.



"An infamous high-class modern French restaurant in Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. The restaurant offers only one course, the ""complete omakase""(Todays special) menu. With a strict attention to ingredients which will be prepared at their peak of deliciousness. The signature dish is the ""Goat's Milk Bavarois"". It is made with Kyoto goat's milk and garnished with sliced lily root and macadamia nuts. The point of this dish is the sense of balance between olive oil and salt. It is a surprising dish that flips the master-servant relationship between ingredients and seasonings. As it's shown by the signature dish, many people look forward to tasting the extraordinary dishes that you can only have it here. Also please note that the seasonal dishes will be renewed every time you visit.


Ristrante La ciau(Italian)★3.73/5.00

This restaurant serves local cuisines from the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Chef Tsuyoshi Mato honed his skills over four and a half years at "La Chau del Tornavento", a restaurant in Piedmont, and opened the restaurant in Shibaura, an Italian-like town with canals flowing through, to convey the joy of Italian food. Based on the flavors of his memories in Piedmont, he now offers nostalgic regional cuisine by seasonal ingredients in Japan. The signature dish is the "Stuffed Onion Piemontese," a warm appetizer made by a whole roasted onion stuffing it with homemade salsiccia (sausage). Enjoy the taste of Italian home cooking with an elegant and mellow flavor that will bring you a smile.


Teppan-yaki Iwakura(Japanese Teppan-yaki)★3.85/5.00

The modern Japanese-style restaurant with a taste of wood is an ideal atmosphere for a date, business meals, celebrations with your family and so on. Enjoy a relaxing time in a warm atmosphere. Their dishes are new and extraordinary as the expression of the mixture of teppan-yaki and Japanese cuisine. The signature dish, "Omi Beef Sirloin Steak," is a luxurious dish of Omi beef, one of Japan's top three black wagyu's, which is shipped directly from Takara Farm in Shiga Prefecture every week. The balance between the fine marble fatty and the sweetness of the lean meat is exquisite. A wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic menus, including carefully selected wines to match the cuisine are also available. The menu changes every month, making it a place to visit again and again to enjoy the seasonal ingredients of the four seasons.


Sushi Linda(Sushi)★3.76/5.00

While respecting the standard items, the restaurant also offers innovative combinations of sushi and light meals. The "Seasonal Omakase Course" is a recommended menu that offers a rich variety of dishes. Fresh seasonal fish shipped daily from Toyosu is served simply as it is or prepared with a little extra care, which is very appealing since each ingredient is prepared carefully the best way. Sushi restaurants is thought as a formal image, but this place strives to provide cheerful service so that our customers can enjoy sushi in an easygoing and fun atmosphere. You will want to bring your loved ones with you for a pleasant dining experience.


Tokyo Niku-Shabu-Ya(Shabu-Shabu)★4.18/5.00

The restaurant sources Tajimaguro beef from Ueda Livestock Breeding, which is said to be completely unavailable in the market. The beef is raised healthy on a proprietary feed to pursue the original flavor of beef without off-flavor. The quality of the fat is extremely high, with a melting point of 12.4℃, and the beef has both light and powerful flavor. The taste is a "technique" that could only be achieved by Ueda Livestock Breeding, and the company is so enthusiastic that it claims, "You cannot discuss the taste of beef without tasting Tajimaguro". We recommend the "Kobe Beef Ueda Livestock's [Tajimaguro] Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki Course". The high concentration of dashi, which is made by combining natural kelp and Rausu kelp with water from the Shirakami Mountains and extracted over 18 hours, brings out the flavor of the meat. You will feel the restaurant's dedication to beef from every corner of the dish.


Tenpura Yokota(Tenpura)★3.77/5.00

A famous restaurant in Azabu Juban, where the second-generation owner since 2021, who inherited the beliefs and techniques of the owner Yokota, will welcome you. The seasonal ingredients and rich variety of tempura are carefully selected and prepared in a way that brings out the best flavor of each ingredient. The thin and crispy texture of the tempura can not only be enjoyed by taste and appearance, but with all five senses. You can also enjoy changing the taste by a bit of lemon salt or curry salt on it. The signature dish is the "Tempura [Goku] Kaiseki". This luxurious course includes tempura, sashimi, sake snacks, and other Japanese dishes, which are the culmination of skills of the master of Japanese cuisine. You will definitely enjoy the two-hour course by the quickly served dishes, which allows those with limited time.



A yakiniku restaurant in Nishi-Azabu making remarkable progress, which opened in 2020. To deliver tender, delicate, and rich flavorful meat, the restaurant especially focuses on procurement and on building close relationships by meeting the producers directly to learn their thoughts and the environment which the cattle were raised. The signature dish is the "Bind Tongue," which is made by wrapping seasoned chopped green onions with the tongue base and tying it in a crisscross pattern with green onions. By grilling the bind beef, it will be steamed by the juice from the meat and the aroma of the green onions, which the rich flavor fills your mouth. This is a place where you will want to go to enjoy the taste of Wagyu cuisine that is beyond yakiniku.


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