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Chef Stelios Parliaros during his video masterclass of using pantry supplies to make delicious desserts. Mastercard logo at the backend.

Upcycle leftover desserts into scrumptious treats with tips from a chef

Become a sweets savant with a zero-waste video masterclass on transforming throwaways and pantry staples into tasty snacks


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The Experience

Discover the most sustainable culinary trend! Learn how to upcycle your pantry ingredients and any dessert leftovers you may have into delicious sweet treats, with a downloadable video masterclass by Stelios Parliaros. Follow the chef's instructions and his key tips on how to prepare three zero-waste yet easy-to-make and delicious dessert recipes at home.
On this video, you will learn how to make: spoon sweets with dried fruit, chocolate truffles with rum and the cake that didn't turn out well, and oven pudding from yesterday's bread! After all, in our kitchen, nothing goes to waste. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Gathering tips from a chef on how to minimize food waste and use often-overlooked ingredients to make culinary magic.


The highlights


  • Download a video masterclass featuring Stelios Parliaros
  • Learn how to make three sustainable desserts using left over ingredients
  • Learn how sustainability and the zero-waste philosophy meet pastry making
  • Upcycle the ingredients you already have at home


  • Priceless experiences are reserved for Mastercard cardholders
  • This experience will be delivered as a prerecorded video and will be available for download until further notice
  • Download instructions will be provided in your order confirmation email
  • The video is available in Greek with English subtitles
  • This video features these 3 dessert recipes:
    • Spoon sweet with dried fruit
    • Chocolate truffles with rum and cake
    • Oven pudding with yesterday's bread
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