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Ocyá Restaurant

More than just a restaurant specializing in fish and seafood, Ocyá offers a unique dining experience like no other in Rio de Janeiro. With two locations led by chef, diver, and fisherman Geronimo Athuel—one on Ilha Primeira (Barra da Tijuca) and the other in Leblon—Ocyá is dedicated to the art of fish maturation, grilling, and full utilization of each catch. Ocyá prioritizes conscious and selective fishing, valuing rare fish that are seldom found elsewhere. This is made possible by Geronimo's meticulous work and research methods. Lesser-known species, such as sororoca, faqueco, guaivira, carapeba, and pitangola, arrive super fresh and are preserved in a large maturation chamber. Here, the team carefully monitors and controls temperature and humidity to ensure the fish reach their peak flavor and texture. The drinks menu is crafted to complement the dishes perfectly, utilizing ingredients and techniques from the kitchen in the bar. The cocktail bar combines contemporary and classic styles, adding modern touches to traditional recipes while maintaining their foundational flavors. Born in São Paulo, Geronimo Athuel moved with his family to Minas Gerais and later to Espírito Santo, where he learned fishing techniques and fish preparation from local fishermen. As an experienced fisherman and diver, he sought culinary knowledge in Central America, working in various hotels. He describes himself as someone who "always swam against the current," choosing a path different from the European culinary training most aspiring chefs pursued at the time. Before opening Ocyá, Geronimo worked at Atlântico in Belo Horizonte and Estúdios Globo's Restaurants, as well as in the kitchen of D.O.M., led by chef Alex Atala in São Paulo.