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Trapeze Flying Class and Show

Suzi Winson Immersive Events

Founder Suzi Winson directed Circus Warehouse, a professional circus training center in NY, for a decade, creating hundreds of events for corporate team-building, rites of passage, private parties and more, using aerial arts and dance forms to engage and excite people who have never done any of these physical art forms!

Now, with her events company, she creates bespoke experiences that use meaningful movement as a gateway to better health and ultimate wellness. Sometimes just exercise doesn't hold our attention. As adults, we seek context for how we move and why we move. Everyone has dance within them, it's one of our most organic of instincts. We have options of dancing on the ground, in the air, to live music, within a community, whatever class we can dream up together, you will be on the move! No previous training of any kind is necessary for participants.