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King's Joy

Founded half a century ago, King's Joy has matured into an acclaimed culinary force throughout China and internationally. Under the executive chef Gary Yin, King's Joy has received many international accolades and awards, and is the first restaurant to garner three Michelin stars and the Michelin Green Star for its sustainable principles. King's Joy was included in La Liste amongst the best restaurants in the world and highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and over 300 other media outlets. King's Joy dishes, particularly the imperial delicacies created by pastry chef Mia Yin, have been officially designated to be served in the National Museum and at many dignitary and leadership functions.

In 2019, Harvard Business Review published a case study on King's Joy's vegetarian mission, which is now being studied in various world-class universities. Now, King's Joy has embarked on a venture to provide innovative, healthy and natural vegetarian cuisine to the public, promoting a mindful and sustainable lifestyle — in the hope of positively affecting the planet that we inhabit for future generations.