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El Club Allard

Located in a corner of the Plaza de España, famous Club Allard opened in 2003 and was awarded two Michelin stars thanks to its two previous chefs: Diego Guerrero and María Marte. After it closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was renovated and since March 2023 the exceptional chef Martín Berasategui has been at the helm in the kitchen. Thanks to the expertise of head chef José María Goñi, the restaurant is now looking to regain its rightful place as one of the finest culinary establishments in Spain, recognized with one Michelin star and one Repsol sun. Club Allard is located in a beautiful modernist mansion from the early 20th century, known as Casa Gallardo, declared a Cultural Heritage Site in 1997. There are plenty of recipes coming mainly from Berasategui's restaurants in Lasarte and Barcelona, although he has created dishes prepared exclusively for this new restaurant. Goñi is setting out to reinterpret the classic cuisine developed by his teacher, the standard-bearer for exceptional ingredients, incorporating nods to other cultures, especially Asian influences and particularly Japan.