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Get Jet

GETJET is a unique online platform for booking both jets and individual seats in them. This is a marketplace for business aviation services, a member of the organizations ONADA, EBAA , NBAA, MBAA, RUBAA.
The following flight formats are available:
Jet Sharing is a seat reservation (you get all the benefits of business aviation, and the cost of the flight is shared with the rest of the passengers).
Deals - selling half or part of the seats on an already confirmed flight to minimize costs (the benefit of renting an aircraft is up to 90%).
Charter - rental of an entire aircraft (the entire flight is organized according to the individual preferences of the client).
Empty Legs are freed aircraft that fly on a return flight (the benefit of renting an aircraft is up to 50%).
JET Sharing flies from Moscow to Dubai, Istanbul, Larnaca, Nice, Male, Geneva, Chamberi; from Dubai to Male and back.
It is possible to rent an aircraft for corporate purposes from 50 to 200 passengers.
The company individually develops each case and always finds a solution for any client's task.
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