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Accademia del Profumo

Accademia del Profumo was established in 1990 to enhance perfume as an essential element of well-being, promote its creativity, and increase its culture and popularity in Italy. It brings together and represents the perfume production chain, from producers of raw materials to packaging companies, to the most prestigious cosmetic houses, to communication experts and distribution.

It is an initiative of Cosmetica Italia - the national association of cosmetic companies in collaboration with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna.

In its commitment to valorizing perfume as an essential element of well-being and spreading its culture, Accademia del Profumo organizes and supports numerous projects, as the Best Perfume Awards, the National Fragrance Day, Giorgia Martone Scolarship and many cultural projects, with a view to creating always new and original links between perfume and arts.