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Gamewatchers Safaris Ltd

Established in 1989, Gamewatchers Safaris Limited is a Kenyan-owned company that has grown into a distinctive tour operator that promotes ecotourism ventures and responsible travel and has won numerous accolades for offering guests a rewarding experience, whilst supporting the conservation of wildlife, culture and natural habitats, and benefiting the local communities in Africa. They are pleased to share their story and the thriving wildlife in the conservancies they are in, as such they have supported numerous photo and filming expeditions, in the local and international sphere; for Tv (NTV wild, Wildlife warriors) and film, Like the Elephants of Selenkay (2022) - Directed by Feisal Malik featured in the IMDB database and as well have worked with numerous international film producers including the BBC and National Geographic film groups amongst others They run their own conservancies where many people have had the chance to film, during the day and night. The density ratios they apply allows them to go off road in this areas and film using drones. The conservancies are community owned, with the local Maasai as the guides. Gamewatchers Safaris owns and runs a brand of exclusive, eco-friendly tented camps in Kenya, the Porini Camps situated in wildlife rich conservancies in the Maasai Mara, Amboseli and Laikipia areas. These Camps are small and exclusive with no more than 10 guest tents. The safari vehicles at the Porini Camps are equipped with bean bags and camera mounts to help steady your lens and avoid camera shake and blurred images as well as charging points to make sure your batteries never die at the crucial moment and storage pouches to keep your equipment close at hand. They also have a spotter and a driver guide in the vehicle who are expertly trained on tracking, how to position the vehicle, considering the light and anticipating animals' movements. What's more the safari vehicles provide 360° views providing unobstructed views, allowing photo and film enthusiasts to capture eye-level images of wildlife as if you are right next to them. The camps also book exclusive use of vehicles for pro photographers and filming crews as they often may need to stay at a promising place longer or get out earlier and stay later since animals are active most at night and in the early morning hours.