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Beefbar Doha

Beefbar Doha, the epitome of culinary indulgence, nestled on the pristine Al Maha Island since November 2022. As an extension of the renowned Beefbar brand, we continue the tradition of serving up the finest cuts of meat in an environment that blends sophistication with a lively atmosphere. At Beefbar Doha, we elevate the art of steak to new heights. Our menu, expertly curated by a team of globally renowned chefs, is a celebration of the finest beef sourced from around the world. We masterfully prepare each cut using a range of cooking methods, celebrating the meat's unique characteristics and inherent flavors. Yet, our gastronomic journey goes beyond beef, offering a diverse range of cuisines that cater to all discerning palates. Our stylishly designed space, with its elegant interiors and panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, is the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience. Whether you're a steak enthusiast or a gourmet explorer, Beefbar and Beefbar Asia invite you to experience the delectable world of meat and sushi in a setting that's as exquisite as our cuisine.