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Beautik Haute Parfumerie

The Beautik concept is innovative and disruptive, combining several aspects: perfumes, world-renowned "noses" (perfumers), skincare products, candles and home accessories, as well as state-of-the-art stores and personalized consulting services.

Throughout its existence, Beautik has always been committed to sustainable development. The company believes that luxury should endure forever, like a valuable object that future generations will appreciate as part of their heritage. Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration and artistic reflection, which is why Beautik surrounds itself with brands that are nature-friendly, skin-friendly, animal-friendly, and people-friendly.

At the core of Beautik's DNA is the presentation of each brand's creative efforts to its customers, carefully reflecting the philosophy of each creator. Beautik is a curator of high-end perfumes and care products operating in the luxury industry in Romania since 2006. The company exclusively represents or partners with over 40 renowned brands.