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Atra Doftana Boutique hotel

Far away from the urban hustle and commercial pressure of traditional tourist areas, we invite you to discover the three dimensions of the Atra concept: FEEL, BREATHE, TASTE.

Atra is a boutique hotel nestled in the spectacular nature of Valea Doftanei, right on the shores of Lake Paltinu. It is a location that is only a 1 hour and 30-minute drive from Bucharest and surprises visitors in every season. With its minimalist design, all 10 rooms offer incredible views of the lake and surroundings.

Wherever you are, in your room, on the new Al Fresco terrace, or in the restaurant, you can listen to the river, immerse your gaze in the crystal-clear lake, breathe the freshest air, and gaze at the starry sky. For those who work remotely, Atra is a place where you can work peacefully, inspired, and energized by nature's beauty.

The Atra restaurant is a destination itself; we have guests who treat themselves to a day of indulgence just to have a meal and immerse themselves in the beauty of the place. The restaurant offers fine dining dishes paired with the finest wines, using fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, vegetable growers, shepherds, trout farms, forests, orchards on the surrounding hills and mountains. The Atra menu is crafted by Head Chef Ionuț Gagiu, who skillfully combines the resources and richness of the area according to the seasons, delighting our guests.

Atra is the original project, launched in 2011, to which Villa Uno was added in 2019 and Mira Resort in 2021. Atra is the "umbrella" that unites these locations and brings guests together in the unique setting of its gourmet restaurant, enchanting all their senses.

Atra is a story about enchanting all the senses, a tale that can only be fully understood by experiencing it. So, we eagerly await your visit to Atra for a unique nature experience!