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HintHunt Africa

Hinthunt Africa brings exciting immersive experiences to our Customers, offering them the chance to break away from the norm while being challenged and having fun. Hinthunt Africa is focused on delivering the highest quality products and services while exceeding Customers' expectations delivered by an insatiably Enthusiastic team. One of the first Live Escape Games to open globally in 2012, HintHunt is considered to be a pioneer and is largely responsible for kicking off the Escape Game craze in which has since swept the world.


Hinthunt Africa is the go-to immersive entertainment Company in South Africa.


Offering Indoor, Outdoor, Online, and Mobile Experiences. 8 Escape Rooms, 3 Amazing Race Routes, 2 Outdoor Escape Games, 1 Online Experience, and 2 Mobile experiences which allow us to come to you.