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voco Johannesburg Rosebank, an IHG Hotel

voco The Bank, Johannesburg Rosebank is the first voco hotel in Africa!

Scores of international and local guests who have experienced this unique brand and their trademark character and service—warm but competent, friendly yet sophisticated, thoughtful while unobtrusive, and local but world-class.

The voco The Bank building is an architectural gem, that has been highlighted through a mix of vintage and ultra-modern décor and design. Secondly, the atmosphere is friendly but with playful sophistication throughout, with original local art and cheerful voco brand mascots.

However, none of this is as important as the service, which is efficient and impeccable while remaining unobtrusive. It is important not only to meet guests' wishes but also to anticipate them. And of course, paying attention to the environment with measures to mitigate their carbon footprint, recycling as much as possible while supporting the local economy by sourcing local goods and services.