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Uri Geller Museum

One of the most famous people of the past 50 years, Uri Geller is known around the world for his unique abilities as a psychic, mind reader and telekinetic metal bender. He is especially known for bending spoons, a phenomenon he instilled into world culture. Uri's powers have confounded science and been verified by the CIA. He has been the subject of countless books, newspaper articles, documentaries and movies, and counts the world's best-known celebrities, politicians, entertainers and rock stars among his admirers and friends.


The Uri Geller Museum displays an incredible collection of original items owned by Uri. Visitors can see up close objects bent with mind power, gifts from Uri's world-famous friends, and many unique artefacts spanning Uri's remarkable career. There are opportunities for photos as well, including Uri's iconic spoon-covered Cadillac (which has been displayed in the prestigious Israel Museum) - and with all tours led by Uri himself, you will get to meet him.