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14th Lane

Are you ready to meet one of the largest food courts in Bucharest?

14th LANE is the place where you can savour specialties from all corners of the world, that will make you fall in love with fairytale dishes!

Here you can find 5 trustworthy friends to energize you for the whole day! That's right – the 5 friends are the 5 international kitchens that will surprise you with unique dishes: from the everloved neapoletan pizza, to the spicy asian food, perfect for those who dare.

At 14th LANE, not only the food will energize you! The whole location, with its unique industrial and minimalist design, will put you in a good mood, being a well illuminated and airy space, perfect for a gathering with friends or a tasty meal alongside your office colleagues.

Once the sun starts to set, the food court shifts into a restaurant that's full of life, becoming an elegant chameleon, where A la Carte delicacies, prepared by passionate chefs, are served accompanied by magical music.

A place with two different, unique and well thought out personalities, that make you return for the lively and vibrant atmosphere, accompanied by culinary specialties cooked to an art.