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FREYWILLE is a creator of artistic jewelry, with precious enamel and luxury accessories. The limited production, made at the headquarters in central Vienna, in the same place where the company was founded back in 1951, is a guarantee of the high quality standards of the design and production.

FREYWILLE jewelry is inspired by emotions or artworks by famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Alphonse Mucha or Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Crafting each piece takes between 80 to 100 different steps, most of them being handmade.

The creation of the enamel décor always starts with the application of the 24k gold motives, followed by the colourful enamel powders. After every application, the piece is inserted in the oven to get the final consistency. The last step in creating the piece is fixing the 18k golden inserts or either the gold or the rhodium and palladium plating.

The artistic design is what sets the FREYWILLE jewelry apart. The artistic ingenuity and the creative spirit are the core upon which FREYWILLE is based; the core that is, in essence, an expression of the joy of life.