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When you say "DOR" (longing), you are instantly reminded of life's most beautiful moments: you miss the sea, you miss the sunrise, you miss a dear friend or your "me time". You miss feeling good, playing, laughing, having a taste of the best that life has to offer. You miss your grandparents, your parents, the taste of home-made food, the flavours of your childhood.


"DOR" is the most beautiful word, the sweetest feeling. Impossible to translate, hard to put into words. "DOR" is not just a confession of love, but also one of courage. And we have the courage to promise and offer you moments you would love to relive, tastes you would love to rediscover, flavours you would love to try again and again.


Moreover, we also miss the delicious foods that taste of childhood; we miss the fruits and vegetables of old, full of flavour, organic, picked straight from the garden; and we miss traditional, Romanian foods with which we have been raised and in which we take pride all over the world. We are DOR – Delicious, Organic, Romanian.


"You will never know what you are able to do until you try!" This is the thought with which we started when we founded D.O.R.


We archive most of our memories around the table, alongside our friends and loved ones, which is why the taste of our memories deserves to become a daily feast. Every meeting with a dish should revive emotions and memories. The reinterpretation of traditional recipes means dishes prepared with the taste of old times, by the crafty grandmas, but turned into fine dining delicacies by our internationally awarded chefs, dishes based on local produce, to paint the smells and tastes of old, reinterpreted in the present.