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Wolkendorf Gastronomy - BioHotel

Tradition with care

The Wolkendorf Gastronomy restaurant was launched in 2018 out of the wish to build your complete vacation experience.

The establihment's image is inspired from the old architecture of the area, borrowing the materials and the simplicity of things, but aims for the atmosphere of an interwar restaurant – the whole décor creates a balanced background for the culinary incursions to which you are invited.

Local ingredients

The kitchen is supplied with locally developed products, by producers of bio-crops and bio-farms. That way, we know we can use the best organic meat and dairy as well as the freshest organic vegetables to prepare the dishes that make the Wolkendorf Biohotel what it is.

The restaurant's menu changes over the year, featuring Christmas and Easter specialties, soups, salads, pies, as well as traditional foods made with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The Wolkendorf Gastronomy wine collection is a versatile yet limited one, aiming to shine a light on Romanian vineyards and wines that complement the restaurant's menu