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Midnight Cafe

Midnight Cafe is a stylish aperitivo bar in Manhattan West with drinks by internationally-renowned bartender, Iain Griffiths (He/They), co-founder of previous World's Best Bar, Dandelyan. It's the street-level drinking destination adjacent to Midnight Theatre — a new, intimate performance venue. In the playful space soundtracked to 70's Italian disco, the menu is divided into two sections: "Aperitivo Classics" and "Spotlight Stealers." The former includes the Milano Carousel (Campari, orange wine, saffron honey, clarified citrus and lemon seltzer, garnished with chocolate-covered manchego cheese), and the latter includes the Midnight Gimlet (Scottish guava and passionfruit gin, black tea & lime oleo saccharum, pineapple-infused Dolin Blanc vermouth with a pate de fruits garnish). The space offers the perfect precursor to dinner upstairs at Hidden Leaf and a show at Midnight Theatre.