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Patrick Church

Multimedia Artist

Patrick is a British born multimedia artist based in New York who has exhibited his work worldwide. He paints from a personal point of view, baring his successes and failures. His work explores the use of paint; layering, texture and manipulation to create increased depth. Resulting in impressions that are un-polished and unrefined; retaining the raw emotion that inspired their existence. Patrick’s paintings retain an air of humor in their most obvious state, a hint of juvenile liberation and rebellion from any confines from the art or fashion world.

His coveted hand painted fashion pieces lead to the creation of a self-titled clothing line found in 2018 with his husband. Pieces have been worn by Lizzo, Katy Perry, Teyana Taylor, and Bretman Rock and are coveted by an ever-growing group of people attracted to the joy of Patrick and his work.


Explore Patrick’s limited edition NFT wearable designs for Decentraland in the Mastercard Pride Plaza.