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Niraamaya Welleness and Ayurveda Retreats

Niraamaya Retreats is a selection of exquisite private serene spaces, nestled in nature and crafted with care in some of the most stunning hideaways across India. Our retreats will take you on a journey to experience the true essence of distinctive hospitality and bespoke wellness. The multi-award-winning Niraamaya Spa at our retreats deliver a range of wellness therapies including traditional Ayurveda, and yoga that replenish the mind, body, and spirit. We unlock the destination's true cultural identity and introduce you to their magnificent heritage and inspiring culinary feasts. Thoughtfully designed with the lowest density of rooms per acre, the lowest density of guests per acre, and the lowest density of staff per acre, all our retreats offer a sense of unmatched luxury and comfort through space and privacy bringing forth our unflinching commitment to wellness.