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Plastic-Free Workshops

STUDIO BRUU was founded by product designer Anneli Anglas Rodríguez and encourages people to live without plastic. In hands-on workshops and seminars, she shows how easy it is to craft your own biomaterials – and how imaginative and versatile they can be. Anneli's motto: "Sustainability should always be communicated without a moralizing undertone." And she adds with a smile, "Instead, you can be proud of your green thumb." During her workshops, the participants get to experience new biomaterials through playfully testing and crafting their own organic products. There are always new "aha" moments included: Leather from bacteria? Fur from hemp? Plastic made from organic materials? Yes, that really exists! Some of them can be easily made from everyday ingredients, such as milk and vinegar – and transformed into chic design objects. Whether it's working with vegan leather or fur, making beeswax cloths or bioplastics - STUDIO BRUU always conveys the message: "Our consumer voices and actions contain more power than u know."