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Pata de Perro

Pata de Perro, also known as Alonso Vera Cantú, has toured around the whole of Mexico and the world several times, working on travel productions in over 100 countries. As a producer, writer, award-winning journalist and publicist with more than 20 years of experience, he is the author of the guide AMOMéXICO. Un País en 100 Experiencias (AMOMéXICO. The country through 100 experiences) and the book Viajar para Vivir (Travel to live) published by Grijalbo.

Pata designs tourism products and delivers lectures at universities and specialized forums. He has published over a thousand articles in the most prestigious media worldwide. He is also the producer and host of several documentaries and programs for radio, web and television on tourism, gastronomy and culture. He believes that "you can positively change the future of the planet just by choosing your next vacation."