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Maboneng Township Arts Experience

The Maboneng Township Arts Experience (MTAE) also known as The Townships Into Towns Virtual Experience, an artistic project by Siphiwe Ngwenya The Founder. It has been 10 years in the making. The Townships Into Towns body of work spans 20 multi media formats, symbolised as the 20 circles in the image on the right. This serves as a perfect opportunity for MTAE to launch this transformative and priceless hybrid experience. Curated and produced by MTAE's founder Siphiwe Ngwenya, this exhibition forms the first experience to be guided by him.

This initiative forms part of Siphiwe Ngwenya's artistic project, which contributes to the re-imagining of townships being turned into towns.

We have an inspiring virtual and physical exhibition launch, coupled with online immersions that can be accessed in perpetuity. We are looking forward to sharing these unique cultural experiences.

MTAE is a non-profit, arts and tourism social enterprise.

MTAE trains and works with artists and families in townships to create innovative art-based tourist attractions in their communities.