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Juan Pablo Mellado

Juan Pablo Mellado was born in Chile in 1979. He has committed part of his life to gastronomy and spreading the culinary culture of his country around the world.

He studied international cuisine at the Instituto Profesional y Centro de Formación Técnica de Viña del Mar. He then went on to perfect his skills at various institutes, among them the Organització i Tècnica a l'avanguarda de la Restauració at the University of Barcelona.

In Spain, he was part of the staff of Ferrán Adriá's renowned and award-winning restaurant El Bulli. There he was stager and head of Mise en Place. He has also participated as a visiting professor at Kendall College and Corden Blue in Chicago and The International Culinary Center in New York.

He was a recipe writer and manager of the project to reprint the book "Epopeya de las comidas y las bebidas de Chile" by Pablo De Rokha.

He is currently a corporate chef and professor at the International School of Culinary Arts and Culinary Services, founder of the restaurant Las Cabras and Director of the gastronomic laboratory of Junaeb (National Board of School Aid and Scholarships of Chile).