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Spier Wine Farm

Situated on the banks of the peaceful Eerste River against a backdrop of the spectacular Stellenbosch Mountains the 32-year-old Spier Hotel is the perfect setting for a break – and the place to find delectable food and wine richly expressive of its terroir.

This property believes in ethical farming, the health of the soil and the people who look after it. Artistic endeavour and absolute care are taken in the crafting of its wines. As many ingredients as possible are sourced from the farm or surrounding community, all fruit, veg and herbs grow without pesticide or fertilizer – while happy animals reared in organic pastures roam. The recipe here is being good to the earth, to animals and people. And when it comes to wines, each site in the vineyard is carefully chosen to ensure a perfect match between terroir and varietal.

This is a place to enjoy wine, but also stay and play at the Spier Hotel and spa.