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Chef Onildo Rocha

From the State of Paraiba, Brazil, Onildo Rocha started his career path studying with one of Brazil's gastronomy exponents, Laurent Suaudeau, with whom he learned the respect for food in all stages of its preparation. In the last few years Onildo has dedicated most of his time to value its home state and what it provides. As a pioneer of the armorial cuisine, he fought for improving the local production chain, raising its produce to international gastronomy standards.  


As many are doing lately, Onildo has put Paraiba State on the map, and showed the world the local “how to”. He runs the Roccia group and his work is directly connected to taking care of every dish; which made the gastronomy guide Identità Golose appoint the restaurant, for two consecutive years, as one of the most important Brazilian restaurants. The place is also considered the best restaurant in Northeast Brazil by Prazeres da Mesa Magazine and one of the top 10 restaurants in Brazil by VIP magazine. Onildo is part of the Bocuse D´Or committee in Brazil.


Now, the chef brings all his experience to the city of São Paulo to lead the priceless, his first endeavour in the city. The intention is to show all the identity and diversity Brazil has to offer which, according to him, is a collective process.