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Liquid Management

Robert "Robby" Radovic

Robby is one of Sweden's highest regarded bartender and beverage professional with more than 25 years in the industry. Hailing from Bayside, Queens New York, Robby made the trip across the pond almost 15 years ago for love and has been a prominent "power forward" in the industry ever since.

With his trademark American hospitality style and his sharp sensory skills Robby has been a frontrunner when it comes to developing and pushing the envelope in the bar and cocktail scene. With accolades such as Sweden's best Bartender (Bartenders Choice), Sweden's Best Bar (Bartenders Choice & White Guide) and recipient of Gulddraken (Le Rouge & Pharmarium) he is currently a partner and consultant at Liquid Management, a Stockholm based bar and beverage consultancy agency, where he splits his time between the office and a number of bar projects.

Despite the pandemic weight on the F&B industry Robby has kept busy with several new openings, latest Tilt and La Neta Bar in Stockholm, and is currently working on the bar program for the newly opened Concepció by Nobis Hotel in Palma de Mallorca Spain.

Besides his work for various restaurants Robby is also a sought after beverage lecturer and trainer with workshops being hosted all over Europe.