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Huvudsta Trädgård

Huvudsta Trädgård

Food waste is a global and complex problem that is ranked as one of the most important sustainability issues we have in our time. On average, 1/3 of the food we produce is thrown away, even though it is fully edible. Foodloopz, which was founded by Elin Aronsen Beis, is an organization that actively works for Zero Food Waste in the food industry. Together with the property owner Huvudsta Gård, Huvudsta Trädgård was started in early 2020.

The new collaboration for the vision of sustainable food and Zero Food Waste is based on ecological principles with old proven cultivation techniques for small-scale agriculture together with new ways of working and experiments.

In this incredibly beautiful place, Elin wants to test new business models, initiate new ones, and develop previous collaborations. Vegetables, spices, and flowers are grown. There are also hives that will help pollinate the farm's fruit trees and hopefully provide their own honey.

What is harvested is sold to local hotels, cafés, and restaurants, and also locally to residents and visitors in Solna. Huvudsta Trädgård will be alive, innovative and contribute to increased well-being in the area.

In a collaboration with Orto Novo on Ekerö, recycled soil and plant parts were used to build up the beds. Furthermore, Huvudsta Trädgård also cooperates with Weibull's current tools and seeds in the form of returns, outgoing assortment, or short dates. At the same time, they resume and intensify a previous collaboration with Blomsterlandet where they take advantage of broken things that can be repaired, plants and flowers that cannot be sold, and so on.