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Lebanese singer Carla al-Berkashi, known by her stage name as Yara, was born in 1983 in Deir el Ahmar in Lebanon into a traditional, music-loving family. Her song "Hob Kbeer" marked the beginning of her career in 2005, and she has since released six albums in different Arabic dialects including Lebanese, Egyptian, Arab Maghreb, and the dialect of the Gulf Region - where she dazzled following the huge success of her song “Sodfa”.


Throughout her career, Yara has released several songs that were met with massive success all around the Arab world. She has also cooperated on several duets with many famous singers including Fadel Shaker, Rashed Almajed, and Wael Kfoury.


The singer was appointed as Ambassador by the Red Cross, as well as the European Union and UNICEF, in addition to representing several global brands such as Braun, Lux, Escada, Piaget, and Coca-Cola.